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Food packaging industry development trend analysis

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Company News
Food packaging industry development trend analysis
Latest company news about Food packaging industry development trend analysis

Food packaging industry development trend analysis

With some high-tech, new technologies into the food packaging industry, food packaging has also appeared intelligent. In layman's terms, intelligent packaging refers to providing information on the quality of packaged food during circulation and storage by detecting the environmental conditions of packaged food. Mechanical, biological, electronic, chemical sensors and network technology into the packaging materials, technology can make ordinary packaging to achieve many "special functions". Commonly used forms of intelligent food packaging mainly include time-temperature type, gas indication type and freshness indication type 3.

In the future, China's food packaging industry will develop in the direction of diversification, automation and intelligence.

Different shapes, a wide range of packaging to attract different consumers to buy. For example, children are easily attracted by the various cartoon images and beautiful colors on the packaging, the fresh fruit and vegetable patterns on the beverage bottles also make it seem healthier, and some food packaging will be the product's health care functions, nutritional composition, special/rare materials are displayed prominently. As consumers are concerned about the food processing process, food additives, businesses also know the time will be such as: instant sterilization, membrane filtration, 75 ° sterilization process, aseptic canning, 0 sugar 0 fat and other places to highlight its characteristics marked on the food packaging display.

Packaging machinery automation this market trend has emerged, but the single machine automation products have not been able to meet the needs of users, users need multiple packaging machinery with networking capabilities between them to better meet the requirements of modernization such as connecting ERP and MES, and then achieve high production and high utilization of machinery and equipment requirements.

Nowadays, green consumption is gradually approaching people's daily life. In the global environment of sustainable development, the reduction of plastic packaging and the use of renewable materials has gradually become a major trend in the industry, which undoubtedly creates a good development space for the paper industry.



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